Anti-Ragging policy

The institute has an anti-ragging Committee consisting of representatives of faculty members, students and parents. Ragging in India is a damaging form of interaction of the seniors in college or school with the juniors, newcomers or first years. It is similar to but not the same as hazing in the United States, it is not an initiation. It involves insults (simple or suggestive sexual, sarcastic and even physical), running errands for seniors, and many other complex activities. Highly reputed Indian colleges have a wistful history of ragging especially Medical colleges. It has become increasingly unpopular due to several complaints of serious injury to the victims and strict laws regarding ragging. Ragging is now defined as an act that violates or is perceived to violate an individual student's dignity. Following Supreme Court orders a National Anti-Ragging Helpline was launched by the Indian Government. Students being ragged send emails at to register their complaint

Students can register complain in the following ways-
  • [1] Complaint can be registered without disclosing the name(s) of the victim(s).
  • [2] by making an anonymous email id, or by calling the helpline number 1800-180-5522.

Effective action is taken by the helpline for the complaints registered to it.